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The Oven Pizza

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Samosa Poutine

Served with house made sauces and veggies

Oven Nachos

Crispy tortilla chips tapped with mixed cheese, tomato, onion, jalapeno, black olive, green pepper, salsa and sour cream

Loaded cheese fries

mixed cheese, bacon, onion, tomato jalapeno, sour cream

Traditional Poutine

Fries, cheese and gravy + add shawarma chicken $13.99

Original's Pizzas


$15.99 Only


$17.99 Only


$21.99 Only

Oven Special Pizzas


$17.99 Only

Butter Chicken or Paneer

Butter Sauce, Butter Chicken/Paneer, Onion G. Peppers, Black Olives, Cilantro, Sesame Crust

Chicken Taco or Beef Taco

Taco Sauce, Chicken or Beef, G. Peppers, Tomato, Onion Jalapeno, Cheddar Cheese, Cilantro

Basil Pesto Amore

Thin Crust Pesto Sauce, Garlic, Chicken, R. Peppers, Onion Feta Cheese


$21.99 Only

Tandoori Chicken or Paneer

Tandoori Sauce, T. Chicken Paneer, R. Pepper, Onion Jalapenos Pepper, Cilantro, Sesame Crust

C-Town Pizza

Pepperoni, Sausage, R. Pepper, Onion, Mushroom

Pierogi Pizza

Sour Cream Base, Potato, Italian Sausage, Onion, Jalapeno


$24.99 Only

Shawarma Pizza

Shawarma Sauce, Chicken, Tomato, Onion, B. Olives, Hot Peppers, Garlic Sauce Drizzle, Sesame Crust

Chicken Bacon Alfredo Garlic Pizza

Garlic Alfredo Sauce, Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom Onion, Cheddar Cheese

Cheese Burger Pizza

Bacon, Beef, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese, Sesame Crust

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